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The Cotswold Voices is a joyous community choir. We have over 80 members of all ages and from all walks of life, and are always keen to encourage new members.

We are renowned for our fun and friendly approach and we welcome anyone with a passion for singing. We do not hold auditions and learn and perform all our songs by ear (no notation).

There is a warm reception awaiting you, so come and find out what singing with The Cotswold Voices is all about.

We rehearse on Tuesday evenings (7.30-9pm) at St Christopher's School, Langford, GL7 3LA during term time. Fees are £45 per term. Come along and try us out!

Drop Joe an email or give him a call for more information.

"Voices means many things to me. Initially a chance to sing great songs, brilliantly arranged by Joe, it has become so much more than that. It is such a joyous thing, where age doesn't matter, where I am challenged but not threatened, where strangers have become friends. It is a community choir in every sense of the word and I feel proud to be a part of it."   Megan

"I love being part of our choir family, and no matter how stressful or frustrating a day I have had, or tired I feel, I am never tempted to miss a rehearsal."  Liz

"Our choir is so much more than a weekly practise. It's a warm family and community. I feel so lucky to have seen that poster all those years ago and even luckier to have remained part of such a fabulous group and secured great friends for life."  Jill

"Key to the Cotswold Voices is, of course, Joe. It is his energy, personality, passion and creative brilliance that have transformed a mixed singing-ability group into an increasingly successful choir giving great satisfaction to both members and audiences. Joe's unique song arrangements contribute massively to the choir's appeal and the pleasure of being part of a five-part harmony is hard to overstate."  Nick

" I always look forward to going to choir. I've rarely missed a rehearsal, even though I might be tired or the weather is awful. Making the effort is so worth it once you are there. Choir is a mixture of sensations: the mindfulness of learning a new song, the warmth of friendship..., the laughter...., the excitement of a performance, and the glow of the audience at the end of a show."   Sarah

"Going to choir has, since the very beginning, been something I really look forward to doing. I think a lot of us now feel that Tuesday's are made better because of choir."   David

"Stephen Sondheim said, "If I cannot fly, let me sing" and you have let me sing, Joe, and for that I am extremely grateful."  Linda

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